Recent published funding opportunities:

Funding Number Funding Title
P20AS00080 The Digital Documentation of Petroglyphs
NPS NOIP19AC00235 Manage Resources at CUVA through Participation in the NPS Academy
P19AS00287 Natural Resource Assistants (2)
P19AS00159 Traditional Trades Apprenticeship Program
P19AS00150 Vector Borne Disease Prevention Program for Yosemite National Park
P18AS00495 Effects of a changing fire regime on birds at Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks
P18AS00516 Mission 66 Era Resources of Yellowstone, Phase 4
P18AS00475 Promote and Support Local River and Watershed Protection
P18AS00270 Wolfe Ranch District National Register of Historic Places Nomination
P18AS00117 Park Planner to Support Deferred Maintenance Projects at Joshua Tree National Park
NPS NOIP16AC00500 001 Guiding for Tomorrow (G-WOW) Upgrade G-WOW Curriculum
P18AS00025 Quantifying the relationships between visitor use, and resource and social conditions at Katmai National Park & Preserve and Lake Clark National Park & Preserve.
P17AS00761 : Conduct Intensive Bat Population Surveys to Assess the Impacts of White Nose Syndrome in Parks of the National Capital Region
P17AS00644 Lake Canyon Grazing Allotment Cultural Resource Inventory
NPS 17 NERO 0119 Youth Repair Trails at Shenandoah National Park
P17AS00467 Grand Ditch Restoration Adaptive Management Monitoring
P17AS00348 Monitoring and Data Development for Special Status Plants and Pollinators in Mesa Verde National Park, Montezuma County, Colorado â¿¿ 2017
P17AS00167 Climate change impacts on subsistence access to coastal resources in Arctic National Parks: Implications for NPS management


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